Although my degree is in communications and marketing, my background in fine-art glitter rock painting and luxury oven-bake clay sculpture turned out to lend itself better to creative work than the PR world. I graduated college with aspirations of working for the largest Public Relations firms in the nation, but only stayed in the field for a little over a year before deciding it was time to leave and pursue both my passion and natural talent – graphic design.

Today I have found my niche in combining the two and working to create both conceptual and visual assets that go into creative marketing campaigns. I wouldn’t want anyone else to design my campaigns and wouldn’t want to design anything for a campaign I didn’t have input to. There needs to be a deep understanding of why any design is impactful, and marketing is nothing without a polished public face.

Which leads me to Today. Being able to successfully do what you are naturally good at and love at 26 is a rare gift, and I feel lucky to have had so many learning experiences in the few years since graduating college. It’s a rare gift indeed. 

Creativity 95%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe Photoshop 75%
Copy Writing 65%
Dad Jokes 80%
Sarcasm 88%


Broke foot because of the movie ‘Coneheads’
Wanted to grow up to be Beyonce
Doesn’t know how to ride a bike
Used to go to raves every weekend
Has backpacked through 7 countries
Accidentally hugged a pet rat to death